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Every Coaching package includes:

  • One to One meetings in the 6th Floor Members Lounge, The Royal Festival Hall, Southbank. London. SE1 8XX
  • Enjoy private, cosy seating areas with inspiring views of the River Thames and the spires of London
  • FREE 30 minute Introductory Consultation
  • Refer a friend reward
  • Access to professional tools and exercises


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The cost of the coaching package is payable in full, in advance. If you want to spread the cost across three instalments, this is subject to a 10% admin fee. Please email: to discuss a payment plan.


Work on time management and get organised

Combat stress effectively, build resilience, and improve your work/lilfe balance

Enjoy a more balanced life, at home and at work

Boost your health and well-being

Create action on a personal or career goal

  • 6 x 1 hour coaching sessions, tailored to you
  • 3 x Email consults between sessions
  • This package delivers the best results over 6 – 9 weeks
  • Valid for 3 months
  • Skype Price: £606.90 Inc. VAT

Get back on track and take control

Enhance your personal performance

Accelerate your professional development

Ramp up your communication skills

Create better results for your life, your health and well-being, your career and your business 

  • 9 x 1 hour coaching sessions, tailored to you
  • 5 x Email consults between sessions
  • This package delivers the best results over 9-14 weeks
  • Valid for 6 months
  • Skype Price: £872.10 Inc. VAT

Become an Expert in your chosen field

Learn mastery in your approach

Develop leadership skills and emotional intelligence

Crack the ceiling on several big goals

Launch your business to the next level

Businesses can shape sessions into 90 – 180 minute chunks, as preferred

  • 12 x 1 hour coaching sessions, tailored to you
  • 8 x Email consults between sessions
  • This package delivers the best results over 12 – 24 weeks
  • Valid for 9 months
  • Skype Price: £1096.50 Inc. VAT

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Every MBTI package includes:

  • Introductory overview of the MBTI Assessment process, by telephone
  • Online MBTI questionnaire – completed in the comfort of your own home
  • Meetings take place in the 6th Floor Members Lounge, The Royal Festival Hall, Southbank. London. SE1 8XX

You get:

  • Your Unique Personalised MBTI Report
  • The MBTI Development Workbook
  • Your choice of either:
    • The Introduction to Type OR
    • The Type and Careers Workbook


Please email: about corporate rates for our MBTI development workshops with teams and organisations.

A personal MBTI assessment and one 90-minute feedback session to discover your MBTI personality type, and open up areas for development.

An intensive blend of MBTI Assessment with three 60-minute feedback and coaching sessions to identify behavioural preferences and help you explore your areas of development and create an action plan. 

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Here’s what my clients have to say…..

“My coach was challenging, and she skillfully pushed me to always reach for the best. She showed respect and was always encouraging and supportive of my goal. We had a fantastic rapport which made the sessions very productive, as I felt comfortable to share my insights. Her ability to recall information shared in a previous session and use that to challenge, encourage or motivate the client is extra-ordinary. I always left the session fully energised and motivated to move forward towards my goal. I am very pleased that Sasha – my coach – agreed to work with me” 
Mr S Aidoo. Worklife Transitions Ltd. Cricklewood

“My coach helped me generate positive feelings within myself with respect to the relationship I have with my partner. I was experiencing some difficulties around trust and the coaching really helped anchor the things that are great about my relationship and to find ways to remind myself of these things whenever I felt doubtful. The coaching involved a good balance of past, present and future behaviours which I really appreciated as it helped me gain some clarity on the reasons behind the way I felt at the time and what I can do going forward. I feel as a result of the coaching I have more of an idea of why I sometimes feel the way I do, but more importantly, how best to deal with the feelings when they arise” 

Ms K Nurowski. Gateshead

Read more testimonials at The Quality of Life Coaching Practice website HERE

5 years ago I wrote Big When, Little When as a useful introduction to personal coaching, inspired by the amazing yet stressed out professionals working in health and front-line care, and my model for wellbeing works equally well for anyone looking for a better Quality of Life. 🌴 This handy workbook will help you develop clear communication with yourself, and boost your motivation and confidence so that you can set exciting goals, and take action to achieve them. 🌟 By following these steps you will learn to develop a healthy balance between your work-style and your life-style. You can grab a copy from Amazon here: 💚❤💙💜💛 #wellbeing #mentalhealth #stress #coaching #wellbeingcoach #mentalhealthcoach #goals #achieve #success #dream #aspire #takechances #takecharge #be #do #have #live #life #to #the #fullest #love #give #grow #nourish #nurture #bloom #passion #bloomspace

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